What it is: A virtual world built by & for the LGBTQIA+ community to give consumers a new way to connect and celebrate, and positioned Mastercard as an inclusive and innovative brand.
Why it matters: This was the first Horizon World built by a financial services brand, but more importantly, it was built to give people a safe space to connect and celebrate being their true selves - no matter where in the world they live. True Self World - built with members of the community Skitter_ and RhondaX - was the result of a deep partnership with McCann, and unwavering support from Mastercard.
Role: Concept, Creative Development/Direction, Technical Advice, Marketing Ecosystem Development
World Creators - Skitter_, RhondaX and Flutt3r
McCann Team - Paul Boupha (cw) JC Ferrer (ad)
Meta - Finola Austin, Annie Porter + cast of dozens

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