I don't work for you.
And that's a good thing.
Over the past nine years, I've spent every working day meeting and talking with clients across a variety of industries - from established CPG brands to challenger financial services brands and everything in between. The value of these interactions (for them) has been that I sit in the middle of all their orgs. Somewhere between their performance marketing and brand teams, their brand agency, digital agency, social agency, creator team and media agency, there was my team. Answering only to the greater good of the business.
So we could give objective advice and guidance across all of their work. Un-siloed, not tied to revenue goals or impression counts or politics.

I've been able to look across their entire marketing landscape and offer advice and opinions about where they can find efficiencies, how to improve creative (from briefing to production), how to help solve disconnects between creative and media plans, how to throw away the term full funnel and start thinking about a cohesive ecosystem, and so on.
Now I'm a free agent. So there's no longer even a need to represent Meta platforms. And because I'm not part of your org structure or an agency, I can help find where things are broken (or underperforming) and work on solutions to fix them. 
Services and what to expect:
1. Complete creative audit. Messaging, formats, best practices, etc. We'll look at consistency, at how your work compares to your competitors, at effectiveness of messaging across mediums, and whether your creative is breaking through how it should. This includes an audit of your briefing and production process, as those greatly impact the creative output. 
2. User experience. Evaluation of user flow, and how creative fits with your path to purchase. Where are there disconnects between your messaging, landing experience, where is there friction that could be eliminated or improved.
3. Recommendations. Based on what we find in the audits, we will make tactical, actionable recommendations on how to adjust your creative to improve the impact of your performance. From things as small as calls to action, to revamping your user flow, we'll deliver a path forward that aligns with your business goals.
4. Test and learn. As you develop new creative, we'll work with you on an iterative creative test and learn plan. How can you isolate creative variables? Are there ways to test new messaging approaches to unlock new audiences? At Meta, this was our bread and butter and not many brands were taking advantage of this capability.

5. Budget allocation recommendation. I will undoubtably tell you you're not spending enough on performance creative production. Because you are not. At least not many brands are. 
Let's get to work.
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