What it is: Campaign rebranding Vonage as a "generous" company.
Why it matters: Sometimes the brief you get from the client is nonsense. So you fight nonsense with nonsense and maybe come out with something you kind of like.
Campaign Summary: Vonage was founded on a crazy notion…to use technology to disrupt communication pricing models and give people a service equal or better to what they've got. I mean, are we really still paying more to call another country? And should we really have multiple accounts and calling plans and six page bills? Maybe it’s crazy for Vonage to think that things in the telecom industry aren’t the way they should be. Or to believe that we can change them. Maybe it’s crazy to develop an app that could eventually put us out of business. And give it away. For free. Maybe it’s crazy to ignore time and distance in our rate plan. Maybe it is crazy to give away free ways to talk. Maybe we are crazy. Crazy generous.

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