What it is. In the US, Moms don’t associate Lysol with pregnancy or children, despite the importance of hygiene. So we built a program specifcally for Facebook that aimed to build an emotional connection with new moms, then serve them information about the product.​​​​​​​
Why it matters. The Campaign was designed to be modular, for global distribution (unique products per region, new VO per region, new film clips to edit in per region). Unique targeting also made this a Facebook first. We identified an audience of moms of children 0-2 years old, as well as moms who were discussing relevant milestones (teething, crawling, etc) on Facebook, so the content reached the audience to whom it would be most relevant.
Role: Strategy & Concept, Creative Direction, Copywriting​​​​​​​
CD: Jim Therkalsen, FB Creative Shop
CD: Keara Tanella, FB Creative Shop
AD: Nicole Martinez, Genuine Interactive
CW: Virginia Moore, Genuine Interactive
Director: Gilly Barnes
Editor: Georgia Dodson, Cut + Run

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